Welcome to the world of babies and their basic needs

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Ø  Swaddle your baby

Swaddling is the best thing ever! Swaddling your baby in a receiving blanket keeps your little bundle feeling cozy and secure. Expert says, swaddling soothes babies because it creates a womb like feeling.

Ø  Sucking

Babies love to suck, It’s a natural reflex in newborns through about three months of age. Some babies begin sucking their thumbs while still in the womb and for many newborns sucking on their fingers and hands or a pacifier can be very soothing.

Ø  Get Outside

Babies just stop crying immediately when they feel the fresh air. Fresh air can also work wonders for cranky babies. The change in light, air, temperature, sights, sounds and smells is likely to improve your baby’s mood.

Ø  Carry your baby

Babies enjoy the feeling of closeness and the rhythm of your steps. The carrier is also convenient because your hands remain free for multitasking.

Ø  Make some noise

Some babies calm down to rhythmic whooshing sound which may remind them of the womb. Having just emerged from a very loud place – your body, where the sounds of a pumping heart, flowing blood and various other bodily functions can get a bit noisy. Newborns are often soothed by the familiar dull roar of white noise - Noise machines, vacuum cleaners : try them out and see what works for your baby.

Ø  Sing a song

Your baby has no idea whether you sing off key or with perfect pitch. What she does know is that whenever she is being crooned to, you are there with her.

Ø  Give a massage

Massaging your baby can be a relaxing ritual for both of you and it is a great way to calm your little one’s cries. You can experiment with lotion or special baby massage oils, though neither is necessary. Use a gentle touch but make sure it’s firm enough not to be ticklish.

Ø  Entertain

Even young babies can get bored. You may also try sitting on the floor with her and showing her how the toys rattle and spin. Some babies love to look at and listen to you read a simple rhyming board book, while others get the giggles if you turn on some tunes and dance with them.

  • Dec 30, 2016
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