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Ø  Face

It is disconcerting to see a newborn with a red, blotchy face but baby acne is a common and harmless condition.

Wash your baby’s face daily with a mild soap.

Ø  Eyes

With clean hands, moisten a cotton wool ball with warm water and gently clean your newborn’s eyelids, wiping from inner eye to outer eye. Use a different piece of cotton wool for each eye.

Ø  Ears

Use a cotton wool ball to wipe behind and around the outside of baby’s ears.

Ø  Hair

After washing baby’s hair, dry it by gently moving the towel back and forward across the scalp.

Ø  Nails

A newborn’s nails are usually soft but they can scratch his sensitive skin.

Use baby nail clippers, clip after his bath when nails are soft or when he is asleep and his fingers are relaxed.

Ø  Diaper change

Too much moisture plus sensitive skin can equal diaper rash for many babies.

Change diapers frequently. Rinse your baby’s bottom with water during each change and blot dry.

Ø  Umbilical cord

Keep the umbilical cord stump clean and dry. Avoid covering the cord area with diaper.

Ø  Legs

Newborn’s legs are bowed out and the feet are turned in, which is no surprise given their previous cramped little quarters.

Don’t worry about it – your baby’s legs and feet will straighten in anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

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