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PAW PAW Combo of 2 Cloth Diapers for Day Use

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In the early days of your baby’s life, when your baby pees and poop frequently, disposable diapers can prove very expensive. Compared to disposable diapers and other reusable baby diapers available on the market, PAW PAW Cloth Diapers for babies are more cost-effective.

5 PAW PAW Diapers are equivalent to 1000 disposable diapers. They are easy to clean.

They come in vivid and unique prints.

Key Features

Realities that you would Love about PAW PAW!

1. Trim and Compact: PAW PAW is so trim & compact to other super soft diapers allowing your baby to lie on the tummy, roll over, sit comfortably & crawl. Thus, your baby’s milestones are not at all affected.

2. Enables free movement: As PAW PAW is a size based diaper, With fewer snaps, sitting, sleeping, walking, jumping and falling can be done at free will, as your baby will not get impressions of the snaps anymore.

3. Two to Three Hours protection: The microfiber insert keeps the eco-friendly cloth diaper dry for 2 to 3 hours and more, thereby helping your baby to stay comfortable all day!We never make FAKE PROMISES of 12 Hour Protection!Change your diaper inserts at regular intervals as per your baby’s urinating frequency! No one knows this better than you! Washable & Reusable;

4. Diaper Shell – PAW PAW reusable washable cloth diapers for babies are made with more comfortable premium material and fine workmanship, which have a softer feel when touched, strong water absorption and breathability. Outer layer is leakproof and the inner layer is most absorbent.

5. Insert for Diaper – Each cloth diaper for babies comes with a one-size 5 layer microfiber insert that wicks moisture away from the baby’s bottom to the insert. Slim & Trim, Long & in Shape to absorb more and stick to the place with a velcro regardless of your baby’s busy movements.

6. Save Money and the Environment : Reusable cloth diapers are budget friendly and environmentally conscious. You need only 20 diapers & 50 insert pads to see your baby grow in PAW PAW Diapering

Number of items in this pack:Package Contains: Set of 2 Diapers + 2 Inserts

Care Instructions

  • Wash before use for optimal performance.
  • Absorbency Increases after each Wash
  • Change the Diaper Inserts at Regular Intervals as per your Baby’s Urinating Frequency!

3 reviews for PAW PAW Combo of 2 Cloth Diapers for Day Use

  1. JAZZ BEN, KARNATAKA, IN (verified owner)

    Tried all the Top Brands of Reusable & Disposable Diapers for my girl baby of 9 months.
    With Disposable Diapers, she had rashes in her little bum.. Reusable Diapers were so bulky and that made her too fussy all day!
    Recommended by her Pediatrician, I got to know about PAW PAW Washable Baby Diapers that are chemical free and has international standards – RAPISOAK TECHNOLOGY & ISO Certifications.
    With so many doubts in mind and checking at near by stores for quality and reviews, I ordered Paw Paw Cloth Diapers from Amazon.
    Very happy that I got to know this cloth diaper with insert for babies does it job very well.
    I personally think, PAW PAW has the best diapers with cute prints. Designed for Babies..
    PAW PAW Keeps your Baby happy & ever active…

  2. DEEPAK RANA, CHANDIGARH, IN (verified owner)

    It works!
    I have ordered it in April’2021 for my 4m daughter, writing this review in June. It has been one of the best purchases by far. One pad works for at least 3 hours. One advice: if you order the next size it will be much more convenient as your baby grows – to make your money worth buying this combo.
    It has significantly reduced the extra cost of diapers as we only use them at night now.

  3. VINIT MALHOTHRA, MAHARASHTRA, IN (verified owner)

    Perfect Alternative for Expensive Diapers
    Woow Brilliant Diaper for longterm use. They have resolved the problem of spending unnecessary money on regular diapers which you can use for one time only. This product is having better quality within the affordable price. Thanks!

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